How do i apply for accommodation in Aylesbury? I am an international student and would like to live with a Host Family, how do I apply? What accommodation and/or letting agents are available in Bedfordshire? Can I stay at the Luton Campus accommodation over the summer? Do I need a T.V License if I am staying in the University Halls? Is it possible to choose my room? Will I have to sign a contract? What happens if I can't pay my rent? What security is available at the accommodation? How do I request to swap rooms? After applying, when will I be offered a room? I do not have any accommodation arranged, can I stay in the halls temporarily? What can I do if I arrive out of hours? When can I move into halls and when do I get my keys? Will my deposit be refunded if I cancel my booking prior to arrival? I am experiencing problems with my landlord. What can I do? Does the Village run social events for residents? Is the accommodation only available for my first year? Are friends and family allowed to visit? Are personal belongings in my room insured? Are there any laundry facilities? What happens if I need to leave the accommodation before the contract ends? Will I have to pay anything in advance? Do you offer a catering service? Do you have en-suite rooms available? How much is the weekly rent and what does it include? When can I move in? Am I allowed to bring a television? Can I bring my car? Can I bring my pet? What are the rules about bringing electrical appliances? What kind of household things do I need to bring with me? How much does Internet access cost in Halls? What is an HM1 card? How do I apply for accommodation? What if I have a disability or medical condition? Have you got any rooms for couples or families? I want to share with my friends. Can we apply for a flat together? At the end of the contract, can I stay in halls? Who cleans the accommodation? Do you have a list of local landlords in the area?