FAQ 517
I have received an email asking me to reveal personal details, what should I do?

In the past, students have been targeted by phishing scams designed to trick them into revealing personal details. Never reveal your personal details if requested by email.
Please see the email below from the Student Loans Company, and follow the link for further advice:
Dear Colleague,
We are urging university students to be aware of phishing scams and not to reveal their personal details online. Students are often targeted with phishing emails around student finance payment dates.
The number of students reporting these incidents to the Student Loans Company has increased significantly in the last few years.
Our top two messages to students are:

  • We will never ask you to update your bank details by email
  • We will never ask you to verify your student account details by email

Students should ignore messages that tell them to validate your account or provide any personal, security or banking details. We will never ask for students to confirm their information in this way.
Our phishing guide, top tips and details on what to do if you receive a suspicious email can be found at: www.slc.co.uk/students/online-safety/phishing.aspx.
Please help us by passing this message on to students you are in contact with.
Kind regards
Susan Maguire
HEI Services Development Manager