FAQ 353
What are the bands for degree classifications?

The bands are as follows:


  • 70%/A- or above – First class honours

  • 60%/B- to 69%/B+ - Upper Second Class honours

  • 50%/C- to 59%/C+ - Lower Second Class honours

  • 40%/D- to 49%/D+ - Third Class honours

If your classification average is 2% from the higher band, for example: if the calculation places you at 68-69%, your level of classification will be judged on the number of credits at the upper (level 6) stage found in the higher (ie: at 70% or higher) category.

You must have 60 credits in the upper category for your classification to rise to the higher level.

Please refer to the Academic Regulations at beds.ac.uk/about-us/our-university/academic-regulations for further information.

See FAQ 357 for the University's grading scheme.