FAQ 1182
My BRP card details are incorrect. How do I get this corrected?

Please click on the following link to report a problem with your BRP card - for example: if your name, gender, date of birth or number of hours is incorrect


Please note: if you think your visa expiry date on the BRP card is incorrect you should first contact  visaadvice@beds.ac.uk for advice.

Once you have received your new BRP card you must email a copy of your new BRP card to  visamonitoring@beds.ac.uk as it is a compulsory UKVI requirement that the University keeps an up-to-date copy of it.


To help UKVI prioritise their workload and reduce response time, UKVI are requesting that students delay sending non urgent correction requests. Please wait until January 2021 to submit non urgent correction request to UKVI.

NON URGENT CORRECTIONS ARE: Mistakes relating to length of leave but you still have well over 12 months permission remaining on your visa. For these errors you should contact the Visa Team first for advice at visaadvice@beds.ac.uk

URGENT CORRECTIONS ARE: Mistakes relating to biographic details not matching your passport such as -  spelling of your name, date of birth, nationality, place of birth, etc.