FAQ 907
How can I forward my emails from my student account to a personal account?

It is possible to set up forwarding from a Gmail account, such as your student email account, to any other email account. Please follow the instructions here to enable forwarding.

It is important that students keep track of communications coming via their student Gmail accounts, so you should either check the account regularly or set up forwarding to your personal account.

You should also make sure that your personal email account is added to your Current Contact Address on your student record. To do this, log in to e:Vision at www.beds.ac.uk/sits and follow the 'Check Addresses' link. You can find a guide on how to do this here. If you are unable to access e:Vision, please log an enquiry or contact SiD by email or in person.

If you use your student Gmail account as your main email account, please note that it will only be available for three months after you complete your course. You should retrieve any important emails within that time.

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