FAQ 879
How do I upload a file onto my SiD enquiry?

Uploading a file onto an enquiry is simple. If you're logging a new enquiry, once you have selected a category you will see the logging screen - you just need to select either 1, 2, 3 or 4 files to upload from the drop-down menu before you type your text, then preview and submit the enquiry.

If you have an existing enquiry that you wish to upload files to, you will need to select 'Update My Enquiry' from the actions menu on the top-right of the enquiry screen. If the enquiry is closed, you will need to use 'Re-open Enquiry, Problem Still Exists.' Next, select the number of files from the drop-down menu as above and enter your text, finally clicking 'Submit This Now.'

The key thing to remember is that you are prompted to upload the file(s) after you submit your enquiry/update. If choosing to upload a file doesn't appear to do anything, it is because you need to fill in the text box and then submit it first. Once you have submitted the enquiry/update, you will need to click 'Browse' on the next screen and choose your file(s) from your computer.

Please also bear in mind that the total size of the file(s) must be 4MB or less. This means that you could have 1 file of 4MB or 4 files of 1MB, 2 files of 2MB etc. This may not seem like a large file size, but allowing larger file uploads could cause significant problems for a web application like SiD Online, and most files that a student would submit are forms or scanned evidence, neither of which need be over 4MB.

You may wish to adjust your scanner's settings if you are producing large files, try reducing the resolution and scan in black and white. If you have multiple files close to 4MB, you can always update the enquiry a second or third time to attach them all, and if you must submit a larger file than 4MB, you can email it to sid@beds.ac.uk.

For a guide with images, visit our website at www.beds.ac.uk/studentlife/student-support/sid and click on 'How to...help', or just go straight to the 'How to Upload a Document' guide via this link.