FAQ 840
Where do the exams in the exam period take place?

For students at the Luton Campuses, the usual exam venues are:

The Carnival Arts Centre,  University Square Campus, The Auction House, Crescent Rd and Venue 360. There are Exams Offices at the main campus, Venue 360 and The Auction House.


For students in Bedford the venue is the Polhill Campus unless directed otherwise.There is also an Exams Office on the Polhill Campus.

For students in UCMK, exams are held in the the lecture rooms, usually MK007 or MK009.


The three main exam periods are in January for Semester 1/Term 1, April for the referral exams for Semester 1/Term 1, May for Semester 2/Terms 2 and 3, and August for the referral exams for Semester 2/Terms 2 and 3.


Please check on the exam timetable on BREO for the venue and allow yourself time to get to your destination. A guide on how to check the exam timetable is attached above.


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