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Can I have a letter confirming that I am eligible to work full time now that I have completed my course?

International students who have completed all assessments for their course are entitled to work full time as long as they have a valid visa. In order to receive a letter showing that you have completed your studies, you must first sign a form declaring that you understand and accept your responsibilities with regard to travelling or working after you have completed your course. These responsibilities include returning to complete referrals if you fail assessments and reverting to working part-time work if this happens.

The form is available at the Student Information Desk and you will only be issued with your letter once you have returned a completed and signed form. If you are an Undergraduate student requesting a completed student work letter, we can issue you a letter after the term ends in June and once you have signed the above mentioned form. You are not considered to have finished until term ends.

If you are a Postgraduate student requesting a completed student letter, in addition to completing the form as mentioned above, you will need to provide an Assignment Receipt confirming that you have submitted your final project. The Assignment Receipt is emailed to your student email account from sender "no-reply@beds.ac.uk". It is a PDF document which you should download and print.

The Student Information Desk can issue you with a letter that confirms you have submitted all your work. If your final piece of work is an exam that takes place during a main exam period, then the Student Information Desk will only issue the letter once the exam period is over. If your final piece of work is a presentation or viva, then the Student Information Desk will only issue the letter once the dates of all vivas or presentations has passed. If you require your letter sooner you will need to obtain written confirmation from your tutor that this presentation/viva is complete.

Please note that we will accept Turnitin receipts as evidence of submission and completed letters can only be issued once the original submission hand-in date has passed. 

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