FAQ 820
What is the Welcome Package, and how does the 'My Beds' card work?

All eligible new students (pre-January 2019 starters) will be given a 'My Beds' card provided by John Smith's.

The cards are distributed at registration and can be used to purchase study materials (e.g. books) and electronic goods (e.g. memory cards) at John Smith's website www.mybedscard.co.uk . The 'My Beds' card can also be used for University's Aspire Gym membership and towards the Go Global deposit. Certain items (e.g. audiovisual equipment) are reserved for students on certain courses, so that only cards belonging to those students can be used to buy those items. 

For the 2018/19 academic year (pre-January 2019 starters), the Welcome Package is worth £450 for all new first year full time UK/EU domiciled students, consisting of £300 My Beds credit and £50 print credit (NHS students included) in the first year, followed by £50 print credit in both year 2 and year 3.  

For those students who are awarded an additional scholarship/bursary, please note that the Welcome Package is normally in addition to the scholarship/bursary. First year undergraduate EU domiciled students will receive the Welcome Package as cash rather than as mixture of 'My Beds' / print credit.

The Welcome Package funds will be available upon registration in September/October. 

Students can also top-up their own card on the John Smith's website. You can find full details of the 'My Beds' card at  http://www.beds.ac.uk/howtoapply/money/scholarships/aspire-card.