FAQ 793
What do I need to provide when applying for visas to travel to other countries?

    • Each country has its own set of requirements. Check the website of the specific country's consulate or embassy for information about travelling to that country. If you do need a visa, you should start making enquiries at the relevant embassy as early as possible, as the application process can be lengthy. The average processing time is 3 weeks but this can often be longer during busy vacation periods, for example, Christmas, Easter and over the summer. It's also important to note that most embassies require you to have 3-6 months visa/leave to remain in the UK still remaining in your passport at the end of your trip.

      However, there are several general areas you ought to think about when applying for a visa to visit another country.

      These may include:

      • Application form (perhaps with photo)
      • Fees for visa application
      • Valid UK visa with valid passport
      • Financial requirements of the country to which you hope to travel
      • Insurance requirements, e.g: travel and health
      • Evidence of your activity in the UK, e.g: a letter confirming student status
      • Evidence of your intention to return to the UK
      • Evidence of having a place to stay e.g: invitation letter or proof of hotel booking