FAQ 739
Can I reschedule my exams for a time that suits me better?

Please note that it is the responsibility of all students to make sure that they can attend their exams. This means arranging transport and ensuring that delays do not cause lateness, checking the time, date and location on BREO, and making sure that no holidays are scheduled during the exam period. This also means ensuring that they are available to take referrals during the referral period should they fail the exam.
Under normal circumstances, therefore, exams cannot be rescheduled. Please read section 8.3.3 Chapter 8 of the Quality Handbook, available online at www.beds.ac.uk/aboutus/quality/regulations where it states the ultimate responsibility lies with students to ensure they understand the timing and place of all assessments and that they arrive at examinations in good time.
If you cannot attend due to Mitigating Circumstances e.g. illness then please make an application to the Mitigation team (see FAQ 714). Should there be an exceptional reason why attending on a particular day is not possible for you, then you should arrange an appointment to discuss this with the Student Engagement team to determine whether an exception could be made.