FAQ 721
What common mistakes are made in Mitigating Circumstances applications?

The following are common mistakes in completing different sections of the Mitigating Circumstances form, and how to address them:

Student Details

This needs to be completed in full, along with your programme of study, telephone number so we can contact you if we need to clarify something.

Assessment Affected

This must be completed in full otherwise MC's may be awarded to the incorrect assessment and therefore rejected by your academic department.

  • Unit Code eg LAW006-3, PSY002-1
  • Assessment Type eg in-class test, assignment, exam, presentation
  • Assessment No - Your units are split into different parts and we need to know which part you are applying for
  • Referral - Only put yes in the referral column if it is an Academic Referral you are applying for help with
  • Hand in Date/exam date - this is important information for us to assess the time frame of your case and if your circumstances fell into that period

Reason for Claim

We need to know the full circumstances of your claim. Just putting down 'I was ill' is not enough; we need to know what was wrong with you, how long it effected you etc. Or, if someone died we need to know the relationship to you, when they died. If you are attending the funeral then we need to know the date of the funeral.

If you are completing the form online then you need to tick the box to confirm that your claim is true and accurate and date it, otherwise you will need to sign the form.