FAQ 713
What are not considered to be Mitigating Circumstances?

It is not possible to give a full list but not normally acceptable would be:

  • A description of a medical condition without reasonable supporting evidence (medical or otherwise)
  • Minor illness
  • Medical circumstances outside relevant assessment period
  • A medical condition supported by retrospective or post-dated medical evidence – eg a doctor’s note which states you were seen after the illness occurred
  • Death or illness of a distant relative
  • If your circumstances were foreseeable or preventable
  • Long term health conditions for which you are already receiving adjustments
  • Poor practice eg no back up of electronic documents
  • Poor time management
  • Financial problems – including payment of fees to the University
  • Accommodation issues
  • Difficulties with childcare
  • Transport difficulties eg strikes, road works or breakdowns
  • Confusion over date, time or location of the examination or assignment hand in date on the part of the student when this has been clearly notified and not posed any problems to other students in the group
  • Work pressure if you are a full time student
  • Computer problems such as viruses, disk corruption, printer issues, network issues
  • Problems with receiving/submitting referral work and results
  • Collecting data/more data for an assignment
  • Late claim with no good reason
  • Holidays
  • English being a second language
  • Weddings;
  • Deadlines of work being set close together
  • Oversleeping
  • Not being aware of the Mitigating Circumstances Procedure