FAQ 684
Can I get a travel letter?

You can work, travel abroad or to your home country, as long as you are not completing your project or attending classes during the holidays. You must only travel after the end of term and before the new term begins - general term dates that apply to most students are available at www.beds.ac.uk/aboutus/dates.

In order to get a letter, you will need to sign a permission form. Please note that in accordance with the wording of the form, by signing it you agree to cease working full-time and revert to part-time hours should you have referrals to complete once you get your results. If you are traveling abroad, please log an enquiry on SiD Online using the 'Log Enquiry' button.

Alternatively, you can visit the SiD desk and request an Overseas Travel Letter. We will need to know the date you intend to travel, the country you are going to, and which embassy you are applying at. We can only issue letters for the summer vacation once we have had confirmation of which students are on vacation from the faculties - this normally happens in early May.

If you are traveling to more than one country, you should submit your application to the Embassy of the country where you will spend the majority of your time. If you plan to spend an equal amount of time in several countries, you should submit your application to the Embassy of the country you will visit first.

If you are returning to your home country, you do not require a letter from SiD and we will not issue one. You can however email intstudent.experience@beds.ac.uk 
for an email confirmation that you are in your vacation period if you would like something to show upon re-entry to the UK.

If you have completed your course and are only returning to the UK for your graduation, then you can use the invitation email that the Graduation Office provide with the date and time of your graduation as evidence of why you are returning to the UK. SiD can produce this on letter headed paper if you request this.

SiD will not issue overseas travel letters to students who will have completed their studies by the time they travel.

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