FAQ 62
Where do I hand my assignment in and what is the deadline?

Check BREO or with your tutor for Electronic Management of Assignment (EMA) deadlines.

The due dates are also found in your Unit Handbook on BREO.

The deadlines for assignments are set by the unit leaders, please check your Unit Announcements on BREO before following the instructions on the link below:


Just a couple of tips:

• Do not use Internet Explorer as your browser; it fails to show some buttons in BREO. Use Chrome or Firefox (even on a Mac).

• There is guidance on BREO Student Gateway ( http://bit.ly/2oaIxta ) and for your assignment to be marked you MUST submit only .docx, .pptx or .pdf – unless you have been specifically instructed otherwise. Open Office and Pages and Google Docs will all Save-As to .docx or .pdf