FAQ 545
I am an international student and want to work full time in the holidays. How can I apply for a letter showing my vacation dates?

You can work full time in the holidays if you are not working on your project or attending classes. SiD can provide a letter to show that you are on a vacation period. You can request this letter at the SiD desk, or you can request it online by logging an enquiry. For details of how to do so, visit our website at www.beds.ac.uk/studentlife/student-support/sid and click on 'How to...help', or just go straight to the 'Request a letter' guide via this link.
You can log the enquiry from the Enquiries menu using the category 'Vacation Dates Confirmation', but if you use the Log Enquiry button from this FAQ the category will be found automatically.
SiD may require some time to get all of the details of each course, so that we know which students are on vacation and which are not. Therefore, we cannot issue these letters until the vacation period draws near. Please therefore ask for Christmas vacation letters in November, Easter vacation letters in mid-February, and Summer vacation letters in May. If we receive early requests, we will have no option but to decline them.
Please note that you must cease working full-time and revert to part-time hours should you have referrals to complete once you get your results.