FAQ 50
I cannot access my BREO account? What shall I do?

Follow these steps for resetting your password:

Please do not use your mobile phone. Please use a laptop or PC

  1. 1. Visit password.beds.ac.uk
  2. 2. Enter your student number and password. Your initial password, by default, will be  Bedfordshire followed by your date of birth - for example BedfordshireDDMMYYYY 
  3. 3. Click Setup Security Question and set your security question. This is mandatory and you will need it should you require further password resets.
  4. 4. Once you have set your security question, click Change Password and set your new password.

Note: It is a requirement that you reset your password within 24 hours of issue. Your temporary password will expire if it is not changed before the 24 hour deadline.

You can log an enquiry, call the Student Information Desk on 0300 300 0042 or email on sid@beds.ac.uk, or you can contact one of the campus Learning Resource Centres (LRCs or Libraries). 

Please note that staff must verify that the right student is making a password request before they can help, so send emails from an address that appears on your student record, preferably your student Outlook email address. Also, please note that we unfortunately cannot change passwords over the telephone, but please call to discuss if you are unable to make your request any other way. Finally, please bring your student ID card to confirm your identity if you visit in person. If there is any doubt over whether the correct student is making an online request, we must insist on seeing the student in person with their ID card. There are a number of possible reasons for being unable to access your account, the staff should be able to determine the cause.

If you have work to submit in the immediate future, it is advisable to make your tutor aware of the situation too.