FAQ 497
How do I open a bank account?

There are several banks located in Luton, Bedford and Aylesbury. By visiting a bank in person, or telephoning their customer services number provided on their website, you can learn about how to open a bank account. There is also information for students provided on the British Bank Account website: www.bba.org.uk/customer/article/guide-to-personal-finance-for-students/current-account-and-payments/.
The Student Information Desk can provide letters to help international students in opening a bank account. You can request this letter at the SiD desk, or you can request it via SiD Online. Visit our website at www.beds.ac.uk/studentlife/student-support/sid and click on 'How to...help', or just go straight to the 'Request a letter' guide via this link. You can log the enquiry from the Enquiries menu using the category 'Bank Letter', but if you use the Log Enquiry button from this FAQ the category will be found automatically.
We will need the address of the branch you are applying at, and we only provide a maximum of two letters per student so it is best to find out about the accounts available before you request a letter.
Please note: Some Banks may require further proof of address such as a Tenancy Agreement or Utility Bill.