FAQ 437
How do I find my exam timetable?

The exam timetable can be found in BREO, please log in via http://breo.beds.ac.uk. Under the 'BREO communities for all students' section, you will find a link for 'Exam Information for Students'. The timetables for both main exam periods (January and May) and both referral exam periods (April and August) are found here, as well as other periods.
Click on this link and then on the left hand side click on the red tab for Exam 'Timetables'. Here you will find the timetable for all campuses.
The examination schedule is usually published 4 weeks before the examination period. The timetable is also displayed on noticeboards around each campus.
It is your responsibility to find out the time and location of your examinations. Some exams need to be held in more than one place or more than one timeslot to accommodate students so please ensure that you check in advance where you should be.
If your exam is split across multiple venues or times, the BREO site will have a list of who is to attend at which location/time on the 'Exam Seating tab'. If your name is not on the list please contact the Exams Office during the exam period on exams@beds.ac.uk or visit the Student Information Desk outside of exam periods.
Please note:
There may be alterations to the timetable; it is therefore important that students, academics and support staff check the timetable on a regular basis. Changes are highlighted in red.

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