FAQ 34
I would like to change my course/unit. How should i do this?

If you are a home or EU student and you have not started your course yet but wish to change it, you should contact Admissions on admission@beds.ac.uk.

If you are an international student in the same situation, you can find International Admissions' contact details at www.beds.ac.uk/international/contacts-and-enquiries-international.

If you are registered for your course and wish to change an optional unit you will need to complete a Unit Change Forms which are available from SiD in all campuses. This needs to be authorised by the Unit Leader of the unit you want to change to.

If you want to change your course once you have registered, please complete the attached Course Transfer form and take it to the Course Leader for the course you wish to transfer onto, not your current course. They will need to sign and authorise any change, if they accept you onto the course.

Once it has been signed by Course Leader please email it to your Course Administrator.

If you are an International Student wishing to changes course you will then also need your form signed by the International Office.

The decision belongs to the Course Leader and can be affected by your academic background, availability of places and other factors. You can find out contact details for Course Leader/adminsitrator either by logging an enquiry on SiD Online or by calling the SiD team on 0300 300 0042. You should then give the form to SiD who will forward it on to your Faculty - the forms are not processed by SiD.

Please make sure the form has already been signed by the Course Leader when submitting it. Transfers are usually only possible during or at the end of the first year of undergraduate study. If the two courses are similar you may be able to go directly onto the second year of the new course, but if they are quite different you will most likely have to complete the first year of the new course in the next academic year.

If you wish to transfer onto a professional course (such as Nursing, Teaching or Social Work) you must apply through UCAS as you cannot transfer internally within the University.

Please note:

- Transfer from a Partner to UoB or vice versa is not permissible. Students will have to make an new application to admissions should they wish to do so.

- Transfer from one Partner to another Partner is also not permissible. Again students will have to make an application to admissions should they wish to do so.

- Transfer between Partner’s own campuses e.g. LSC; London to LSC Birmingham or Birmingham to London is permissible. This can be done using as course transfer for a change in location.

- UB: MK students are all UOB students as it is one of our main campuses. This allows a UB:MK student to transfer from MK to another main campus or vice versa.

Students cannot move from London or Birmingham (study centre's) to main campuses (Luton, Bedford, MK, and Aylesbury are all main campus)

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