FAQ 27
What type of evidence is required for my mitigating circumstances application?

The evidence that you need to submit will depend on what your mitigating circumstances are but it has to cover the period you are applying for, be on official headed paper, signed and dated. We do not accept photographic evidence, prescriptions or appointment cards. Below is the list of criteria and evidence accepted, and you can find more information at https://www.beds.ac.uk/student-support/cant-hand-in-a-piece-of-work-or-sit-an-exam/.

CriteriaAppropriate Evidence

1 Illness or injury

Dated official medical evidence signed and/or stamped confirming diagnosis & recovery period
2 Bereavement

Copy of a Death Certificate, Order of Service or Obituary. If someone has passed away overseas and you cannot supply any of the evidence above then a letter from a minister on headed paper is sufficient. If it is in foreign language then it must be translated into english.

3 Personal Issues

Significant problems in the student’s domestic or personal circumstances affecting submission/exam attendance or performance.
Dated official evidence signed and/or stamped confirming impact on student

4 Work Pressures

Only students studying part-time or by distance learning can apply concerning work commitment issues

Official letter from employer

5 Religious Observance

Official letter from the student’s Faith Leader

6 Victim of Crime

Official Police correspondence confirming the date, incident and any additional factors

7 Disability

Confirmation from Health and Wellbeing Team

8 Other

Other mitigating circumstances that do not fall under any of the criteria defined above.

Appropriate types of evidence will be communicated to the student