FAQ 245
What is BREO?

Bedfordshire Resources for Education Online (BREO) is a collection of online tools and systems which are used to support and manage learning activities and resources as part of your course. BREO is made up of a virtual learning environment (Blackboard) and a personal learning space (PebblePad).

When you log in at http://breo.beds.ac.uk you will find general resources to support your learning and specific links to your units in Blackboard. Your tutors will provide you guidance on how they want you to access and interact with the various parts of BREO. In particular, most assignments will be handed in electronically through a system called Turnitin inside Blackboard.

You can access BREO using your University network password, which is by default your date of birth in the format DDMMYYYY. It is important to change this password to something unique to you, however, and you can do this at http://pwd.beds.ac.uk where you can also specify secret answers to retrieve your password if you forget it. Passwords must be changed every 6 months.