FAQ 126
Where do I find wireless networks, and how do I log on to a wireless network?

You will need a valid student or staff account, or if you are a visitor you may ask for a guest pass in order to log in.
Students should note that WiFi Internet access is only available via Hotspots on campus (see below for further details). WiFi is not available in Halls of Residence, but these have their own internet connections about which you should contact Student Village or the Bedford Accommodation Department.
No encryption?
The University wireless network uses an alternative encryption method, so there is no requirement for users to activate WEP or WPA encryption on their wireless device.
However, users should not send sensitive information across the wireless network unless they are sure the web site is secure (e.g. a website using SSL will show a padlock icon in the bottom right corner of the browser window).
For this reason, users of the UoB Wireless Network service do so at their own risk.
Web only
Anything you can usually access via a standard web browser should be accessible as normal via the wireless network. However, systems that require a client application (rather than a standard web browser) will not work.
If and when wireless networking at the University goes beyond web only access, extra encryption might then have to be implemented, but this is currently not required.
Wireless Networks
Staff and Students connect to eduroam.
For staff, your username is your usual University

network username. This is typically first initial and surname. Follow

this with your institution’s domain (e.g. jbloggs@beds.ac.uk or mjones01@beds.ac.uk)
For students, your username is your student number followed by your institution’s domain (e.g. XXXXXXXX@beds.ac.uk)
Your password is your usual network password
Guests can request a temporary Guest account - please see FAQ 932
Users then run a web browser and login with their usual University network credentials or their temporary Guest credentials. Once successfully logged in, users can then browse the web.
WiFi Hotspots
Wireless Access Point sign

  • Park Square Reception
  • Park Square Social Space
  • Park Square A000 corridor - Lecture rooms and Cafeteria (excluding the Sir Ian Dixon Lecture Theatre)
  • Park Square Level 1 'B' corridor
  • Park Square Level 3 ‘B’ corridor
  • Park Square Level 4 'A' offices
  • Park Square Level 5 'A' corridor
  • Park Square LRC - levels 2 and 3
  • Park Square LRC Study areas
  • Vicarage Street Canteen - including grass area outside
  • Vicarage Street - level 4 lecture rooms
  • Chaplaincy 'Tree House'
  • Putteridge Bury LRC
  • Putteridge Bury Restaurant
  • Putteridge Bury Lawn
  • Putteridge Bury Mountbatten Room
  • Putteridge Bury Rooms 4, 5, 7, 9, 106-107
  • Bedford campus LRC
  • Bedford campus P Block Cafeteria
  • Bedford campus J, K, L Blocks
  • Oxford House (Aylesbury) - locations to be confirmed
  • High Wycombe - Computer Room
  • High Wycombe LRC
  • High Wycombe - Classroom 5
  • Butterfield Park - Healthcare Building
  • Butterfield Park - Research Building
  • Technical Support

Technical support is available only for University supplied hardware/software, or issues relating to the availability of the wireless network. Contact the ICT Helpdesk on ext 3366.