FAQ 1107
I am a new student, what do I need to know?

1. Timetable – Your personal timetable will be

available online 48 hours AFTER

you have completed registration. Your course timetable is available now.


2. Log in details + passwords – is the same for BREO, Student Gmail and logging into PC’s.

E:vision password is not the same as BREO.

Please note: you MUST

reset your password straight away by going to https://password.beds.ac.uk

otherwise you will be locked out. Passwords expire every 6 months. This will be

emailed to your personal email within 24 hours of registering.

3. E:vision – please

ensure your contact details are up to date. (https://evision.beds.ac.uk)

4. BREO – will be available 48 hours AFTER you have completed

registration. BREO is used for course materials, announcements, assignment submissions

and exam information.(https://breo.beds.ac.uk)

5. Student Gmail account – will be activated after 48 hours after you have completed

registration. It is important you use your Student email Account.


6. WIFI – is Eduroam. Username is IDnumber@beds.ac.uk and the same

password you use for BREO.

7. Letters – You can print Council Tax Exemption letters/Registration

letters from e:vision as long as you are eligible. It is under Registration

Confirmation Letter.