FAQ 1072
What type/size of file can I upload to Turnitin/Electronic Management System (EMS) for my assignment?

A video and text step-by-step guide to uploading files on Turnitin/Electronic Management System (EMS) is available at https://beds.hosted.panopto.com/Panopto/Pages/Viewer.aspx?id=2622ccda-5bbb-43f5-8084-77b9ad556053

Currently the restrictions are:

  • The file must be less than 400 pages and smaller than 20 megabytes.

  • The allowed file types are MS Word (.docx), PDF, RichText (.rtf), WordPerfect, PostScript, plain text (.txt) and HTML files. The word processor you are using must be able to save documents in one of these formats, and it is not possible to submit other types of file such as images or PowerPoint presentations. It is possible to copy images into Word and other formats, but make sure the total size of the file does not exceed 20MB.