What are the tuition fees for a research degree? I would like to withdraw from my research programme, what do I need to do? I would like to suspend my research programme, what do I need to do? My visa is due to expire soon after my submission, how will this affect my viva? I would like to extend my research programme, what do I need to do? What should I do if I am not available on my viva date? What is the earliest/ latest date I can submit my final thesis? I don’t agree with my viva outcome, what should I do? What are the outcomes of the viva? How do you prepare for a viva? Is there any training I can receive on the viva examination? What format should my electronic copy be in? What are the fees for the exam stage? I still have some fees to pay, do I need to pay these before I submit my thesis? Are there any rules I needs to follow for the layout of my thesis? Does my supervisor have to attend the viva? I have worked for the University of Bedfordshire, will this affect my viva? How soon after submission will my viva be? What leave am I entitled to once I have submitted my thesis? Can I ask my examiners questions before the viva? My examiners still have not been approved by the RDC what does this mean? Who are my examiners? How many copies of my thesis do I need to print? Which forms are required for the thesis submission process? What is the student code of conduct? What is the academic misconduct procedure? I would like to make a complaint, how do I do this? I would like to appeal a decision, what should I do? I advised my supervisor that I wasn’t well, why has this been recorded as unauthorised absence? I am not well and this will impact upon my progression. Who should I discuss this with and what do I need to do? The doctor has advised me that I am not well enough to engage with my studies, who do I advise? I am not very well and I am unable to come in and complete weekly attendance what should I do? Do I need a letter for annual leave/authorised absence? If my leave has not been authorised could this affect my re-entry into the UK? My supervisor agreed that I could go away/ to the conference, why is this recorded as unauthorised absence? I disagree with the amount of leave I have remaining for this current year. Who should I discuss this with? I have travelled outside of the UK without having this approved by the University of Bedfordshire. What should I do? I have to return home immediately due to mitigating circumstances. What do I do? Is there any funding support for conferences? I would like to attend a conference do I need to use my annual leave for this? Can the annual leave form/ authorised absence form be completed electronically? Do I need to do anything when I come back from leave? I would like to go on holiday. What is the correct way to advise the Research Graduate School of this? Where do I complete my weekly engagement? I would like to work to help support my studies are there any rules about this? I have received an email advising me that I haven’t completed my weekly engagement, but I did what should I do? Why do we need to complete weekly attendance? As a research student what are my programme engagement requirements? Why do I need to complete an immigration history form? What is a CAS? Can you please explain what the PP2 process is and what it entails? Can you please explain what the PP1 process is and what it entails? Interruption of Studies Process What are mandatory events?