FAQ 783
I am facing difficulties which mean I can’t commit to my course fully at the moment. What can Student Engagement do to help?

Student Engagement Advisors can discuss any problems that students are facing which might be presenting a barrier to their studies or to engaging generally with their course. Sometimes advisors can help students to find ways to resolve the difficulties they are facing and help them get back on track with their studies.

Where solutions are not possible the Student Engagement Advisors can advise students on the various options they might have in terms of managing their studies. They can advise on claiming mitigating circumstances to allow the student more time or other opportunities to complete work. They can also discuss the implications and pros and cons of suspending/ deferring studies where problems are perhaps going to be longer term.

Student Engagement Advisors can also liaise with academic colleagues on the student’s behalf where this is appropriate. Student Engagement Advisors can’t make decisions for students and don’t necessarily have all the answers but they can certainly help students find the best way forward so they can remain on track and get the most out of their studies.