FAQ 480
Can I get an invitation letter for my family?

The Student Information Desk can provide letters to help international students in inviting their friends and family to the UK. In order to help us provide your letter quickly, please request the letter online by logging a SiD enquiry. You can log the enquiry from the Enquiries menu using the category 'Invitation Letter', but if you use the Log Enquiry button from this FAQ the category will be found automatically.

You will need to provide the following details for the person coming to the UK:

  • The purpose of the visit (i.e. a short visit, to attend graduation, or to come as a dependent)
  • Full name (as written on passport) and relationship to you
  • Address where they will stay in the UK
  • Name of Embassy, City and Country where they will get their visa
  • If they are coming for your Graduation please provide the date of the ceremony - we cannot produce a letter without this

If you would like your letter posted please confirm your full address, and specify in the enquiry that you would like your letter posted. Please do the same if you would like the letter emailed.

For help with how to log this kind of enquiry, visit our website at www.beds.ac.uk/studentlife/student-support/sid and click on 'How to...help', or just go straight to the Request a letter guide via this link.