FAQ 347
What if I fail an assignment, exam, or a unit?

If you fail at your first attempt at an assignment or exam you will normally be given an opportunity to attempt it again via referral work or resitting the exam later in the year.

Please bear in mind that referral work is capped with a maximum grade of a D- unless you have been granted a referral without penalty by the Mitigation Team (known as an RA1, or RE1 in the case of exams).

You can see which assessments in which you have referrals to complete by checking your results on e:Vision (after the exam board has sat). If you are 'Referred' in any unit, you have referrals to complete. Details of the referral assignments and exams including due dates are posted on BREO after the exam board sits.

If you fail a unit, either due to non-submission or to failing a referral, the details of what you need to know about retaking that unit should also be on BREO.

For further information about resits, referrals and retakes once you have checked BREO, please log an enquiry or contact the Student Information Desk who will refer the question to your course administrator. If you wish to know how much you will need to pay for retakes and how to go about this, please log an enquiry or contact the Student Information Desk, who will refer this to your Student Finance Officer.