FAQ 31
My password for e:Vision does not work. What shall I do?

Please log an enquiry on SiD Online requesting a new e:Vision password. We will email a new password to your university student Outlook account.

You can also request a new password by email (sid@beds.ac.uk), but please note that if we receive a request from a personal email account, we will need to check whether you have put that address on your student record as a contact email. If not, we can only send a password to that address once you have confirmed security details such as date of birth, address details etc.

It is recommended that you keep your contact email addresses up to date via e:Vision once you have access. There is also a link on the e:Vision login page that will automatically send a new password to your student email address - if you don't have one yet or cannot access it you will need to log an enquiry on SiD Online or contact us by email instead.

Passwords can also be reset at the Student Information Desk as long as you have your student ID card. Please note that your e:Vision password is separate to your network password that you use to access BREO, your student email and the university PCs. The two passwords be the same but they are not linked and are usually different.