FAQ 192
I am thinking about taking a gap year; what could I do?

There is certainly a bit of an industry surrounding gap years and you do need to think carefully about the various options that are available. If you do go for one of the packaged options make sure you research carefully before committing as these can be expensive so you need to know what is included in the cost such as travel, work visa, accommodation, insurance.

Chosen carefully, a gap year can be a very rewarding experience and will look great on your CV when you start applying for employment after university. Many gap year opportunities are involved with environmental and community projects in developing countries and a range of different job roles are available. For more ideas, have a look at www.prospects.ac.uk/jobs-and-work-experience/gap-year

If you would like to speak with an adviser about taking a gap year, you can book an appointment via our online portal Careersonline. To do this, login using your student username and password, then select Book/Appointments fromt he toolbar to see what slots are available.

If you have any questions, please, email us via careers@beds.ac.uk