FAQ 1019
I would like to suspend my research programme, what do I need to do?

The Regulations define interruptions of study requests as "Where a student is prevented from engaging with his/her research he/she can apply to the RDC to interrupt their studies"  (See regulations 

If you have circumstances meeting this definition you may make an application to the Research Degree Committee requesting to interrupt which will effectively pause your studies if granted. Your application for interruption must be made in advance the requested period of interrupting using the interruption form available from BREO and you will also be required to contact SEAM who make recommendations on all extension applications to the RDC.

The BREO Pathway is BREO> RGS community>Student Information> Special requests >Extensions and Interruptions

If you would like to apply for maternity, additional maternity, additional paternity, adoption or additional adoption leave then please also follow this process and then clearly mark on the interruption of studies form that the period of suspension is due to one of the pre-mentioned reasons.

Please refer to the regulations which you are registered against as to the minimum and maximum period of registration you are allowed.

Should you require any further specific guidance please log an enquiry from this FAQ and the Research Graduate School will respond to you addressing your concerns.

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