FAQ 1016
What should I do if I am not available on my viva date?

At the point of thesis submission you are asked to advise the RGS of any dates of commitments you have. This is to ensure the viva date, where possible it is not scheduled at an inconvenient time. If following submission you become aware of important appointments which may affect your availability then you should advise the RGS of this as the earliest opportunity.

If you have received confirmation of your viva date then you are expected to be available for this date. If for mitigating reasons you are not able to attend then you would have to provide formal evidence of these circumstances. The RGS will try where possible to provide the help and support.

If mitigating reasons have arisen then we advise you to make contact with the SEAM team, who can provide you with the appropriate support and guidance. They can be contacted  via emailing student.engagement@beds.ac.uk alternatively you can call them on 01582 489622 or visit them on level 2 of the Campus Centre in Luton.