FAQ 1000
My examiners still have not been approved by the RDC what does this mean?

Your examiners should be approved ideally six months prior to your submission. This is so we can ensure that your submission process is as smooth as possible.

If you are near submission and you don’t believe your examiners are in place, then you can enquire with your supervisory team and/or the RGS office.

It is the responsibility of your supervisory team to nominate who they suggest as your examiners by completing the application for approval of examination arrangements form. The forms and guidance notes are available on BREO. This will need to be scrutinized by the RDC and following approval you will be advised.

Should you have submitted and your examiners are still requiring approval then we are unable to proceed with your examination process until the examiners are in place. Once the complete paperwork has been received and approved by the RDC then the RGS examination team will continue with the examination process.

Please be reminded that before the viva under no circumstances should contact be made between the approved examination team and yourself or the supervisory team.